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Registration is required for all programs. Masks are strongly encouraged for all in-person activities.

Celebration Sundays | All-Ages Services | Multiplatform

The first Sunday of each month is reserved for our all-ages services. This does not mean there is no RE that day! It simply means RE takes place in the sanctuary, not the classrooms, and the teacher for the day is the worship leader. Please plan to attend these all-ages services as a family. The experiences children and youth have during worship will be reinforced and expanded upon in the classroom, and vice versa. These are also a unique opportunity for children and youth to participate in worship–from lighting the chalice to leading hymns, telling a story, or sharing some artwork, the possibilities are wide!

Ages 2-5 | Toddler Room | In-person

Children ages 2-5 are invited to play and engage in community building during the worship service. This space is located on the Lower Level.

For children younger than 2, our Family Room is located next to the Sanctuary and is open for parents with small children to use during worship services.

Children celebrating Solstice at BUCMIK-5th | Thematic Exploration | In-person

Elementary-aged children begin in the service with their families, then leave for class after the Time for All Ages. Class ends at the same time as worship; please come pick up your child from the classroom at that time. This age group focuses on stories and UU practices relating to the monthly theme. Lesson plans are formatted in-house, but are based on the UUA’s Tapestry of Faith curricula.

6th-7th Grade | Building Bridges | Multiplatform

Class begins and ends at the same time as service. The Building Bridges curriculum explores world religions and spiritual practices to contextualize and inspire 6th and 7th graders’ own spiritual search and beliefs. Lesson plans include time to explore UU tradition, spiritual practices from around the world, and their own beliefs. UU community-building is the core of this curriculum, with time each week for the youth to share what is on their hearts and get to know one another.

8th-9th and 10th-11th Grades | Our Whole Lives | In-person

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a comprehensive, lifespan sexuality education program that provides accurate, developmentally appropriate information about a range of topics, including relationships, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, sexual health, and cultural influences on sexuality. The program aims to help participants make informed and responsible decisions about their relationships, sexual health and behavior. This program runs from September through December. Pre-registration required.

8th Grade | Coming of Age | In-person

The Coming of Age (CoA) curriculum helps youth explore Unitarian Universalist theology, history, and practices. In this important ritual of transition from childhood, youth reflect on and define their own beliefs in a credo. This program runs from January through May.

9th-12th Grade | GUUSH | Multiplatform

Youth are expected to attend service before attending class following the service. GUUSH is youth-led and adult-guided, tackling topics and projects interesting to the youth. Youth decide how much to focus on each of the core GUUSH areas: curriculum, worship leadership, social justice, and community building. The youth plan and lead a youth service in the spring, including a Bridging ceremony for seniors.

In 2021, GUUSH youth adopted the 8th Principle, and led the entire congregation to adopt the 8th Principle in 2022.

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