Pastoral Care

Life is full of changes, challenges, and surprises. In our Beloved Community, we share life’s twists and turns, magnifying the joys and sharing the burdens of each other’s sorrows. Unitarian Universalists find meaning and value in human relationships. Humans are designed to be in community. We need one another.

With guidance from our minister, Pastoral Care Associates (PCAs) are available to help members and friends of BUC who have issues or concerns for private discussion. Conversations are held in confidence. Pastoral Care Associates have been trained via UUA resources.

If a person has deep concerns, a starting point should be with Rev. Eric, who can determine the best potential source of help, whether it be outside the church or with a PCA. All PCAs are listed in the BUC Member & Friend Directory and are available for calls from members or friends for self-defined concerns that are a step below an initial conversation with Rev. Eric.

Pastoral Care Associates are Rob Davidson, Dan Kosuth, Kim Schultes, and Ed Sharples