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Interested in performing at MAMA’s Coffeehouse? We present acoustic music concerts, ranging from solos and duos to small ensembles. Electric instruments are not unwelcome, but we are trying to maintain an “acoustic” sensibility to our series. We are not equipped to accommodate a full drum kit; a small one that fits on our not-overly-large stage (and doesn’t assault our audience’s ears) would be okay. A lovely Steinway concert grand piano is available for use.

Local, regional and nationally touring artists perform here. We typically have a 25-minute opening act before a headliner of two 45-minute sets. Often, we’ll have one or two open-mic performers do 15-minute sets before showtime as the audience arrives (plenty of attendees show up early for this.)

If you would like to perform here, please send an email with a brief introduction and a link to your website, EPK, or what-have-you. While it’s nice to hear professionally recorded studio tracks and watch arty videos, what we REALLY want to see and hear is you or your band playing live before an audience. Preferably with stage banter and audience reaction included between songs. We’ll watch and listen and see if you’re a good fit for our series.

We present only nine shows a year. We are currently on about a three-year rotation of returning acts, but we always try to include an act or two who has never been here. So please be patient if we are unable to book you right away (or even for a while.) Thanks for your interest, and we’re glad you’re making music.

Please include “Booking” in the subject line and send to: