BUC member grilling at picnic

Considering membership at BUC?

Here’s a resource to help you on your path.

The vibrant liberal religious community you experience today is the work of generations of highly committed members. Joining this church means both reaping the benefits of and continuing that work–making a healthy spiritual home that challenges, nurtures, fills, and delights us, so we can take that spirit into the world we serve.

Thus, becoming a member of BUC is a big commitment. However, like many big commitments–like getting married or raising kids–it is one that comes with immeasurable rewards.

Think of membership as a three-legged stool: the legs being your time, your talent, and your treasure. For the stool to stand, members need to give generously of all three. What you get in return is a place to support you, something steady and solid beneath you for whenever the rest of the world begins to wobble.

So how do you become a member? There’s no one right way, but this is the path we recommend:

Prerequisite: If you haven’t already, subscribe to our mailing list Our once-weekly email update is where you’ll find announcements and information about events and activities at BUC. It’s your lifeline to everything going on in our congregation. Subscribing also means you’ll get our quarterly publication, The Deep Dive, and the occasional important all-church message from our Senior Minister and other leaders.

Step 1: Attend several worship services.

Step 2: Get involved! (See our calendar for when and where everything is happening.)

Step 3: Take our “Getting to Know UU” class, offered in the fall and spring. We’ll explore our own spirituality and learn UU history and about BUC. Check the weekly email for current dates.

Step 4: Communicate your interest. (If you skipped Step 3, you’ll meet with our Senior Minister.)

Step 5: Sign our membership book. This can be arranged with our minister and membership team.

Step 6: Pledge your financial support for the congregation or request a financial waiver. This is not a requirement for membership, but it is a requirement to vote on important issues in the life of the congregation. The office can help you with this if you need it.