Rental Policies and Building Use Agreement

Rental Policies

  • Full rental payment is required a minimum of two weeks before the event
  • A damage deposit is required for parties, to be forfeited in part or in total should the facilities be damaged or require unexpected clean-up
  • Non-Unitarian-Universalist-affiliated programs which may be perceived to have religious content may rent BUC facilities but require permission
  • Program descriptions and printed publicity for the event must be submitted for approval before distribution. Failure to comply may result in revocation of the rental contract. All program descriptions and promotion must include the statement, as worded, that “This program is not sponsored by and may not reflect the views of the Birmingham Unitarian Church.”

Renter’s Responsibilities

  • All aspects of the agreement, including damage costs, are the responsibility of the contract signer. The church rents to personally-responsible individuals, not to vaguely-defined organizations or groups.
  • The contract signer is responsible for enforcing the rules in the Building Use Agreement.