Room Rentals

  • Sanctuary

    Sanctuary - BUC
  • Sanctuary

    Sanctuary from center rear BUC
  • Sanctuary

    Sanctuary from choir loft - BUC
  • Family Room

    Family room BUC


Seated Capacity: 275
A/V offered:
Food allowed:
Available for select rentals, please contact for pricing

​Impressive floor-to-ceiling woodland views. Outstanding acoustics for musical venue. Cushioned seating. Excellent sound and projection system. Steinway grand piano. Choir loft. Room and stage set to renter’s requirements.

Amenities: Sound system, podium, projection system and screen, microphones, Steinway grand piano, family room (can be used as green room for speakers/guests)

Perfect for: Weddings, concerts, music recitals, large meetings, workshops, conferences, town hall meetings, choir rehearsals

Food and drink are not allowed in this room.

BUC audiovisual technician required for most events held here.

  • Social Hall

    Social Hall BUC
  • Social Hall

    Social Hall BUC

Social Hall

Seated Capacity: 120
A/V offered:
Food allowed: Yes

  • $50/hour – classes and short events (up to 2 hours)
  • $350 – 2-3 hours – daytime/weeknight party rental
  • $500 – 4-6 hours – evening party rental
  • $750 – 7+ hours – full day rental of space

Open and bright space with large windows overlooking Zen garden. Multipurpose room. Tables and chairs set to renter’s requirements. Attached commercial-style kitchen.

Amenities: Lectern, portable stage, piano available to rent, upon request.

Perfect for wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversary or graduation parties, seminars, large meetings, dance rehearsals, workshops, conferences, luncheons, wedding showers, business meetings.

  • Kitchen

    Kitchen BUC


Kitchen included with Social Hall rental

Capacity: 12 people

Amenities:  Commercial fridge, full range and oven, rapid dishwasher, large stainless prep counters, large sink and cleanup space

  • Pavilion

    Pavilion BUC


Food allowed: Yes

  • $40/hour – any hourly (class, luncheon)
    • $75/hour – non-recital use of piano in Pavilion

​Large open room perfect for movement-related classes or a small luncheon with large windows overlooking courtyard.

Amenities: Adjoining private restroom

Perfect for yoga studio, theater groups, luncheons and after recital receptions

  • Purple Door Room

    Purple Door Room - BUC

Purple Door Room

Seated Capacity: 40
A/V offered: Yes
Food allowed: Yes
Pricing: $35/hour

Large multipurpose space with adjoining kitchen and small stage. Overlooks outdoor courtyard.

Amenities: Small adjacent kitchen, adjoining restroom facilities, small stage, whiteboard, A/V available.

Perfect for large meetings, workshops, discussion groups, rehearsals, small parties.

  • Large Green Door Classroom

    Green Door large room - BUC

Large Green Door Classroom

Food allowed: Yes
Pricing: $35/hour, access to both Green Door rooms

​Large open room perfect for movement-related classes with large windows overlooking playground.

Amenities: Whiteboard, adjoining private restroom

Perfect for workshops, yoga studio, children’s classes, theater groups, trainings.

  • Small Green Door Classroom

    Green Door small room BUC

Small Green Door Classroom

Seated Capacity: 12
Food allowed: Yes
Pricing: $35/hour, access to both Green Door rooms

​Bright, overlooking woodland setting. Multipurpose room.

Amenities: Whiteboard, adjoining private restroom.

Perfect for meetings, workshops, book clubs.

  • Blue Door Classroom

    Blue Door Classroom BUC

Blue Door Classroom

Seated Capacity: 40
A/V offered: Yes
Food allowed: Yes
Pricing: $35/hour

​Multipurpose room. Flexible floor plan for classroom or conference-style meetings. Couch and chairs for discussion groups. Has small sink and counter for refreshments. Web enabled computer with external microphone and webcam.

Amenities: Whiteboard, A/V, small sink/counter, small couch seating area, adjoining private restroom.

Perfect for large classroom (40 students), group meetings.

  • Large Conference Room

    Large Conference Room BUC

Large Conference Room

Seated Capacity: 10-12
A/V offered: Yes
Food allowed: No
Pricing: $25/hour

​Boardroom-style meeting space with comfortable upholstered seating. Large TV/Monitor with web enabled computer with external microphone and webcam.

Amenities: Boardroom-style seating, whiteboard, A/V in room.

Perfect for meetings, workshops.

  • Small Conference Room

    Small Conference Room BUC

Small Conference Room

Seated Capacity: 8
A/V offered: No
Food allowed: No
Pricing: $20

Amenities: Whiteboard

Perfect for small, intimate meetings with comfortable upholstered seating.

Lower Level Classroom

Seated Capacity: 40
A/V offered: No
Food allowed: Yes
Pricing: $35/hour

​Classroom has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking meadow and pond. Bright space in a multipurpose room. 

Amenities: Whiteboard, flexible setup, piano, small sink and counter space for refreshments.

Perfect for meetings, workshops, rehearsals, conference meeting space.

Photos by Inspired Images BK