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After two years of study and thousands of conversations with Unitarian Universalists, the Article II Study Commission presented their proposed revision to Article II of the UUA Bylaws. Article II contains our covenant, our purpose and our aspirations, currently articulated as UU Principles and Purpose. Congregations reviewed the proposed new language in preparation for their church delegates to vote at General Assembly in June 2023. BUC’s voting members voted on the proposal at our Annual Meeting on May 21, 2023, with results of 31% Yes and 69% No.

At General Assembly, thirteen amendments were discussed during general sessions, of which five were adopted through the delegate voting process. The Article II proposal, inclusive of the five amendments, was then put up for a vote. Over 86% of delegates voted in favor of it moving forward for another year of consideration and a final vote at GA 2024. BUC’s delegates represented our congregation’s 31% Yes / 69% No vote. They will publish a report of GA activity, including information about the five amendments, in July. The current Article II remains in effect during the next year while the proposed change is given further consideration.

This page is an archive of the activities and resources presented by the BUC’s Article II Task Force leading up to the congregational vote in May 2023 and GA vote in June 2023. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to contact

NOTE: Along the timeline for the amendment process for the proposed Article II revision, through April 30 BUC members can recommend amendments individually (using the UUA submission form). Ideas submitted by individuals are being posted at

Through May 12, BUC members can recommend amendments through BUC’s process for identifying up to six amendments that our GA delegates can submit for our congregation. Please use the submission form below. Suggested amendments will be able to be reviewed at the document link below.

Here are some resources to help explain the Article II revision and the process behind it:

Reflect specifically on the proposed move of Principles and Purpose to Values and Covenant:

See Article II in the context of the full set of UUA bylaws:

From BUC

The desire for a broader conversation about Article II—including other congregations—was raised during the Q&A of our first Zoom overview. Here’s one resource (hosted by UUs, not the UUA), a Facebook group for “Blue Boat Passengers” (requires Facebook account to join)