BUC is working to end gun violence in America. In May of 2018 the congregation voted overwhelmingly to approve a Congregational Resolution on Ending Gun Violence. Our activities since then have included conducting letter writing campaigns, attending rallies and hearing speakers on the issue, and being part of the national conversation by participating in Wear Orange weekend and posting our photos on social media.

Gun violence rally

For more on how you can get involved, contact Eric Sargent.

Ending Gun Violence Resolution

(May 2018)

Be it resolved that the congregation of the Birmingham Unitarian Church (BUC) favors:

  1. Legislation banning civilian access to assault-style weapons, high-capacity ammunition clips, and munitions designed for military and law enforcement agencies.
  2. Mandatory universal background checks for the purchase of firearms.
  3. Ensuring that health care professionals can fulfill their role in preventing firearm injuries by health screening, patient counseling, and referral to mental health services for those with behavioral medical conditions.
  4. Developing and promoting proactive programs directed at improving safe gun storage and the teaching of nonviolent conflict resolution for a culture that often glorifies guns and violence in media and gaming.
  5. Conducting evidence-based research on firearm injury and creating a national firearm injury database to inform federal health policy.

To bring our actions into alignment with our position, BUC will:

  1. Initiate a regional UU letter-writing campaign and arrange visits of BUC church members and friends to the offices of US and Michigan government representatives.
  2. Engage with the Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network (MUUSJN) in building a coalition of faith communities to advance public policy to reduce gun violence.
  3. Host educational programs, including forums for legislative candidates, that are consistent with this position statement